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New Projects
There are many projects that you can build to make use of a Permanent Magnet Alternator.
We’ve had customers attach it to exercise bikes and lawn mower engines but the strangest one was a college science project to measure falling particles by connecting it to a plate that would spin as particles fell on it!
Here are just a few projects that our customers have tried. If you have a project using one of our PMA's please send us a picture and we will add it to the list!

Peter and Robin are using our DC-540 on this nice water wheel they made.

Ronnie from North Carolina is powering his greenhouse with solar and wind, using WindBlue PMA's for both:

WindBlue Strong!
A 100mph windstorm in Colorado damaged the guy wires and a mast but not the WindBlue Turbine. Pretty amazing...
Evening, pole has been straightened, all is well.
Here is Melvin's Dual X2, notice the nice wiring job!
Sam has installed one of our X2 Dual Kits.
Note the great job he did on his pivot
Phoenix Energy has a innovative plan for green energy. His units are embedded
in the road and use traffic to drive the generators, WindBlue DC-520's.
Look at these awsome steam generators from Green Stem Engine. You can check them out at
These 3 are from Steve in Minnesota. He has 2 Lite Breeze Kits and 2 DC-512 PMa's tht he tied togeher to get awesome results.
Future home of Steve's wind turbines
Richard, from Canada sent us these.
Spencer from sent us his latest hydro set up. You should check out his other pics on this site too.
Jason's custom hydro turbine:
Tony from Canada with his own tail and mount design:
Mudji from the Dutch Antilles shared his photos and had this to say about WindBlue Power:
" Hi,
I bought your Lite Breeze windgenerator.
I am very satisfied with it.
It out performs my airbreeze (by southwest windpower)
your lite breeze is a good product"
Hawk's Wind Turbine

Hydro set up by Spencer using DC-520
Here is a wind generator setup from Larry in Michigan. Note the Christmas lights installed on the tail vane and powered by the generator. Cool idea !!!
Here is Marks's Hydro setup in Oregon. He uses it to supplement the power from his solar panels.
Check out this link to another cool hydro setup.
Here is Peter's Waterwheel setup in the UK. Way Cool !!
Here is another wind setup using our PMA.
Here is Brian's setup next to his house.
Here is Hank's setup in Arkansas
Keep those pictures coming!!
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