What can I do with one of these things?

   New Project
There are many projects that you can build to make use of a Permanent Magnet Alternator. 
  We’ve had customers attach it to exercise bikes and lawn mower engines but the strangest one was a college science project to measure falling particles by connecting it to a plate that would spin as particles fell on it!
 Here are just a few projects that our customers have tried. If you have a project using one of our PMA's please send us a picture and we will add it to the list!
Here is Marks's Hydro setup in Oregon. He uses it to supplement the power from his solar panels.
Check out this link to another cool hydro setup.
Here is Peter's Waterwheel setup in the UK. Way Cool !!
Here is another wind setup using our PMA.
 Here is Brian's setup next to his house.
 Here is Hank's Gen in Arkansas
Keep those pictures coming!!
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