Getting the power to your Batteries:

Getting the wires from the generator to the batteries.

If you have a triangular tower, or a break over pole you can just run the wires down the inside of the tower or pole.

If your pole is going to be a 1.5" pipe then just run your wires down the inside of the pipe.

As for the wire, you can use 10/2 or 10/3 extension cord or #6 welding cable. An extension cord is flexible and not too expensive to buy.

This type of setup prevents the need for a Slip Ring. They are
expensive to buy and many of them are VERY high maintenance!
If the wires were to ever tangle or twist up just disconnect it, let it unwind, and connect it back in. Worse case scenario you may have to unplug the connection every 4 to 6 months.

Try to keep your batteries as close to the base of your pole as possible as DC current does not like to flow long distances and you will lose some current in the wires.

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