Wind Generator Breeze Kits

When you put all these parts together you get a Wind Generator Kit

Wind Generator Breeze Kits from Wind Blue Power come with all the materials you need to build your own wind generator. We offer 2 kits, The Lite Breeze Kit and the Breeze Kit. Our Wind Generator Kits are the highest quality PMA kits you will find!

The Lite Breeze Wind Turbine Kit is best suited for areas with average winds of 5-15 MPH. Since most areas of the country only have average winds of less than 20 MPH, we designed this kit to offer maximum performance for low wind areas. The Lite Breeze Kit will start charging a 12 volt battery in just 6 MPH wind!

This kit includes our WindBlue DC-540 Permanent Magnet Alternator that is equipped with 3-phase AC output and standard DC output connections. This alternator is completely brushless, eliminating the need for maintenance and offering reduced noise. Our zero cogging (or zero "thump-thump-thump" effect) generator also features a 303 Stainless Steel Generator Shaft for superior corrosion protection and an increased power output. Additionally, the generator is equipped with a specialty wound Low RPM Output Stator, Very Strong N40 grade rare earth magnets, and built in rectifier to increase the performance of your wind turbine.

The generator mount features a clean, contemporary design as well as a low friction teflon pivot washer for smooth yaw movement in the lightest breeze- a first for wind kits in this class. The split lock collar at the base of the generator mount provides a sturdy hold on your tower.

The 5 foot diameter HyperSpin Rotor is included to provide excellent performance when accompanied by our generators. The 1/8 inch laser cut aluminum blades are aircraft quality, and produce much less noise than plastic blades. The blades are are very durable and will not bend in a hailstorm or winds up to 100 MPH.

The Breeze Wind Generator Kit from Wind Blue Power is best for average wind speeds of above 12 MPH. While most areas have average wind speeds of less that 20 MPH, the breeze Kits is specifically designed for Higher Wind areas. You should purchase this kit if the average wind speeds in your area are over 12MPH. This unit cuts-in and starts charging a 12 Volt battery in a 12 MPH wind!

Our Breeze Wind Generator Kit offers the same high quality parts as our Lite Breeze Kit, including the completely brushless alternator, zero cogging generator, the 303 Stainless Steel Generator Shaft, a Low RPM Output Stator, N40 rare earth magnets, a built in rectifier and the WindyNation HyperSpin Rotor with aircraft quality aluminum blades. This kit contains the WindBlue DC-520 Permanent Magnet Alternator that is equipped with the 3-phase AC output and standard DC Output Connectors.

Both kits include the WBCC charge controller, which connects via the 3-phase AC output pigtail. It features a built in rectifier and all the necessary connectors.
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